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Intercultural touch

A city sums the various cultural influences, offers to variety of nations the chance to preserve and further develop their own identity and spirituality. Institutions such as the Serbian cultural center of St. Sava, Hungarian cultural center of Nepker and Croatian cultural centre of Bunjevacko kolo will introduce to you the unique blend of nations. These institutions can organize small scale gatherings and cocktails, and you can use the opportunity to meet and understand what extraordinary contribution each community gives to city identity.
Srpski Kulturni Centar - SVETI SAVA
Address: Trg Republike 16 24000 Subotica
T: +381 (0)  24 556 117
Hrvatski Kulturni Centar - BUNJEVAČKO KOLO 
Address: Preradovićeva 4 24000 Subotica
T: + 381 (0) 24 555 589
Mađarski Kulturni Centar - NÉPKŐR
Address: Trg Lajoša Košuta 11
T:  +381 (0) 24 557 033