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Fun never seems to stop!

The urban culture of the city is best expressed in the evening hours. Relax after the hard working day and take a walk down Matije Korvina street, where all the best clubs and café bars are located, and we suggest Boss, Old Pizzeria or Atrium Café. Located one next to another, they are very easy to visit, and in the same time offer great capacities to accomodate large groups.

At the very city centre, at the pedestrian zone, you’ll find Code café where you can enjoy beautiful night view on the City Hall. Mainstream foreign and domestic music is played in the majority of the bars downtown, and if you prefer to go clubbing till dawn, we would recommend some of the clubs located in the very centre of the town, like the Q-bar or Sax are.

Should you be more in a mood for a quiet night out, having a dinner with the sound of soft music of the tamburitza orchestra, you can relax at one of the farmsteads at the Subotica surroundings like Majkin salas or Riblja Czarda.

Everywhere you'll be amazed by the cosy interior of all of the café bars and clubs and we are sure you'll find the entertainment that'll suit your needs